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To claim, comment on this post with your AO3 username; all comments are screened. If you get it as an assignment, you got the pinch hit; if not but you see it's been claimed, then someone else got it instead, sorry. (But do consider treating!)

At this stage, the due date for the pinch hit will be the same as other works: Sat 1st Apr 06:59 UTC. (This has always been intended as the equivalent of midnight Pacific time on Fri 31st March, but let me know if I've messed up accounting for DST.)

Request 1 by HopefulNebula
His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
Worldbuilding: Daemons & daemon lore (His Dark Materials), Worldbuilding: panserbjørne society (His Dark Materials), Worldbuilding: literature (His Dark Materials), Worldbuilding: Mulefa society (His Dark Materials), Worldbuilding: Witch society (His Dark Materials), No Characters (His Dark Materials), Original Character(s) (His Dark Materials), Serafina Pekkala (His Dark Materials), Baruch (His Dark Materials), Balthamos (His Dark Materials), Fanart, Fanfiction, Meta

I am seriously open to anything in this fandom. Thus the glut of tags. Some questions as potential (optional!) starting points:

-What logistical differences are there between Lyra's world and our own because daemons can take any animal form?
-What is fiction in Lyra's universe like, given the church's influence and the existence of daemons?
-How does the bears' society fit with human society? How do they preserve their history? (Fun fact: polar bears usually give birth to twins. Make of that what you will.)
-The mulefa have such a vast and accurate oral history. What stories do they tell most, and why do they choose them?
-Witch politics. There are so many groups and alliances and feuds going on. How do the clans interact? How do the events of the trilogy influence these alliances?

I am absolutely horrible at prompting for art, but I've tried to make these prompts fit any format.

Request 2 by HopefulNebula
Lock In - John Scalzi
Worldbuilding: Haden culture (Lock In), Worldbuilding: The Agora (Lock In), Worldbuilding: Integrators (Lock In), No Characters (Lock In), Original Character(s) (Lock In), Cassandra Bell (Lock In), Fanart, Fanfiction, Meta

Oh, so many options here.

The book (and Scalzi's "Unlocked: an Oral History of Haden's Syndrome") touch on the way the divisions between Hadens and non-Hadens (and Hadens who use threeps vs Hadens who don't, and further subdivisions) are both fundamental and completely arbitrary; anything that plays on that would be quite welcome. Haden status transcends other social markers such as race, class, and gender, but a person's race/class/gender/religion/etc. informs their Haden experience once they're locked in.

Other questions/ideas: What is daily life like as an Integrator? I would love to see excerpts from whatever manual they have, or internal messaging system they use. (There's got to be some hilarious threads on whatever future-BBS they have). Or what were the early days of the Agora like, before its structure was set? How was that set, anyhow? How is its alternative/replacement different?

I'm not sure what fanart would look like for this but some ideas: Advertisements for threeps (as seen in magazines or something)? Somebody's sketches for their Agora space? Haden-related news photos?

This is another fandom where I am open to pretty much everything. Just please, if you include Chris Shane, please don't assign them a gender; I really like what Scalzi did with that.

Request 3 by HopefulNebula
Guild Wars 2 (Video Game)
Worldbuilding: Mythology (Guild Wars 2), Worldbuilding: Asura Culture (Guild Wars 2), No Characters (Guild Wars 2), Original Character(s) (Guild Wars 2), Fanart, Fanfiction, Meta

There's some supplemental lore out there that states that Asura tend to fall in love with each other's ideas more than each other. Run with that? (I would kind of love to see their traditional wedding vows). Or anything to do with Rata Novus, if that's your jam. Or petty squabbling over credit for inventions, maybe. Or pretty much all things related to people tiny and subterranean and extremely egotistical and kind of messed up in the head. (Bonus if you can include Skritt in some form -- I totally forgot to add them as a tag).

I'm also interested in what kind of mythology any of the major races have. What do the ordinary people of Tyria (who don't necessarily have the facts the higher-ranking pact members do) tell their children/progeny/whatever about the dragons, or their species' past? What fairytales do they tell?

I am absolutely horrible at prompting for art, but I've tried to make these prompts fit any format.

Request 4 by HopefulNebula
Zootopia (2016)
Worldbuilding: City Building (Zootopia), No Characters (Zootopia), Original Character(s) (Zootopia), Fanart, Fanfiction, Meta

What goes in to designing a city like Zootopia, where there the people have such a great difference in shape and size? The logistics must be kind of amazing. I'd love to see Zootopians of various species using their differences as tools. For instance, I know that sometimes humans will use rats to help string wires through walls -- maybe there's an agency run by small rodents that does similar for elephants? Or raccoons who work as "hired hands" (pun intended) to help out the ungulates as needed?

(Completely OPTIONAL bonus points for including giraffes or hedgehogs somehow.)

I am absolutely horrible at prompting for art, but I've tried to make these prompts fit any format.

Request 5 by HopefulNebula
The Secret World of Alex Mack
Worldbuilding: GC-161 documentation and test reports (Alex Mack), Worldbuilding: Longer-term effects of GC-161 on Alex's body (Alex Mack), No Characters (Alex Mack), Annie Mack (Alex Mack), Alex Mack (Alex Mack), Original Character(s) (Alex Mack), Fanart, Fanfiction, Meta

ANNIE'S NOTEBOOKS. y/y? Or perhaps interesting ways Alex continues to use her powers (assuming she keeps them at the end of the series), or notes from the development of GC-161. What are the passive-aggressive office sticky notes like in that lab? Danielle Atron's all-hands emails (and the replies)?

I am absolutely horrible at prompting for art, but I've tried to make these prompts fit any format.
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