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The 2017 collection on AO3

Worldbuilding Exchange 2018 schedule will be posted in early January.
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Creator Reveals / Feedback Post

The collection is no longer anonymous, and I've also closed it to posting new works. (I don't know if anyone was still working on any treats, but if you do have a burning desire to post something in the next few days, drop me a line and I'll reopen it to give you the chance.)

Following the success of this inaugural round (and once again, huge thanks to all of you for helping that happen), I intend to run the exchange again next year on roughly the same schedule, but with a somewhat more relaxed nominations/sign up period (and certainly more of a gap in between the two; the one thing I definitely underestimated was the complexities of tag set management behind the scenes). Look for a 2018 schedule post in early January.

If you have any feedback about any aspect of the exchange that you think might be able to work better/differently in Round Two, let me know in the comments.
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The collection is now revealed. Go forth, enjoy your (and others') gifts, and comment!

There are a handful of works that won't show up when browsing the collection via the fandom view, as their fandoms do not yet have canonical tags. Here are direct links:

Treats can still be uploaded for another week, until creator reveals.

Finally, thanks again to everyone for making this such an easy exchange to mod.

ETA: Don't forget to redate your work, especially if it's in a high-traffic fandom.
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AFK post

If you know you're going to be offline when reveals come round, and want to let your creator know about it in advance, comment here.
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Stay on target ...

The final pinch hit is now in the collection; huge thanks to everyone, but especially our last minute pinch hitter. Assuming nothing happens to my ability to access the Internet come reveals time, the collection will be opening on time. (I don't intend to open early, as I am conscious that people may well intend to revise their works considerably over the next sixty-something hours.)

Treats (which do not have to adhere to any minimum requirements) can be added to the collection any time up until creator reveals on the 15th.

If you're a frustrated gift shaker/just generally interested, there are two unwrangled fandoms in the collection that I've become aware of when checking over the works:

  • NASA "Visions of the Future" travel posters (2 works)
  • Iconoclast - Symphony X (1 work)

I will be linking to these from the DW comm directly come reveals, to try to compensate for them not showing up on the AO3 fandoms view. If there are other things that should be on this list that I've missed, do PM/drop me an email to let me know.
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All works are now in, with the exception of Pinch Hit #6 (not due for another two days) and Pinch Hit #7, which is still unclaimed. As such, I've adjusted its due date to 0659 UTC, Fri 7th April (i.e. 24 hours before reveals).

Overall, though, we seem to be well on course for the archive to open on time. Thank you once again to everyone for making my job so easy!

ETA (update to the update): Pinch Hit #6 is now in, and Pinch Hit #7 is now claimed.
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Deadline has passed

Remarkably, at this stage there seem to be no post-deadline pinch hits. (According to my records, everyone who hasn't submitted yet has asked for a short extension, so please don't worry if you don't have a gift yet.) Thank you everyone for being so organised.

Still looking for a pinch hitter for Pinch Hit #7.
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Pinch hit #7

This will be due 06:59 UTC, Fri 7th April. (Note: due date extended. Here is a widget to convert to your own time zone.) Please comment with your AO3 username to claim; all comments are screened and will not be replied to - please check your AO3 assignments page to see if you have been assigned the pinch hit.

Pinch Hit #7 - Fandoms: Paksenarrion, Sharing Knife, Babylon 5, Goblin Emperor, Middle Earth (Tolkien) - Claimed! )
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24 hours remaining

As of the time stamp of this post, there are 24 hours left to post your works. Thanks to everyone who has already uploaded, and to those who have already been in touch about extensions.

My ability to get online over the next 24 hours is turning out to be somewhat more limited than I would have hoped. My main windows of opportunity for doing exchange admin look likely to be roughly between 1900 UTC and 2300 UTC, and then from about 0530 UTC onwards. I will probably glance at my emails occasionally outside those times, but won't be able to deal with anything complicated. So please don't worry if you don't receive an instant response if you do contact me at other times; I will get to your message sooner rather than later.
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Pinch hit #6

This pinch hit will be due at 06:59 UTC on Weds 5th April. (Coincidentally, this is almost exactly a week and four hours from the time of this post.) As with previous pinch hits, comments are screened - you'll find out if you got it if it appears on your AO3 Assignments page. If it doesn't but you see it marked as claimed, you missed out this time, sorry.

Pinch Hit #6 - Fandoms: Goblin Emperor, Captive Prince, MCU - Claimed! )
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One week to go

Works are due in just under a week from the time of this post.

If you think you might need an extension, please email me at worldbuildingmod@gmx.com - I would very strongly prefer to be pleasantly surprised when people turn out not to need them, rather than the other way around.

Existing pinch hits (many thanks to those who picked them up) have the same due date as other works. Any new pinch hits which arise between now and 1st April will have a later due date of 06:59 UTC on Weds 5th April.

I am aware of the ongoing issue with posting works to AO3 being difficult. If you do encounter significant problems with uploading your completed work, please get in touch.

If anyone's interested, of the 18 works already in the collection, 13 are completed assignments and five are treats.
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Pinch hit #5

Another pinch hit; as before, due on Sat 1st Apr 06:59 UTC along with other assignments. Comments are screened; comment with your AO3 name to claim. Screened comments won't be replied to - if it appears in your assignments page on AO3, you got it; if it doesn't but gets marked as claimed, someone else did.

Pinch Hit #5 - Fandoms: #FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives, Flygresor.se Kattreklamen Commercials, NASA Visions of the Future travel posters, NASA Mars Explorers Wanted Posters - Claimed! )
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A wild pinch hit appears!

To claim, comment on this post with your AO3 username; all comments are screened. If you get it as an assignment, you got the pinch hit; if not but you see it's been claimed, then someone else got it instead, sorry. (But do consider treating!)

At this stage, the due date for the pinch hit will be the same as other works: Sat 1st Apr 06:59 UTC. (This has always been intended as the equivalent of midnight Pacific time on Fri 31st March, but let me know if I've messed up accounting for DST.)

Pinch Hit #4 - Fandoms: His Dark Materials, Lock In, Guild Wars 2, Zootopia, Secret World of Alex Mack - Claimed! )
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Beta post

Use the comments of this post to offer your beta-ing services.

If you're offering, please specify at least:

  • which fandoms you can help with
  • the type of beta you can offer
  • anything you can't beta
  • how people can best contact you to ask for your help

If you're a creator needing help finding a beta, and there isn't anyone in the comments here offering what you need, please contact the mod in the first instance. Posting directly in the comments here asking for help may make it too obvious what your assignment is.
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Here is a Google Doc containing all the requests in the exchange, for your crtl-F-ing pleasure.

It is 126 pages long. Wow.

Happy Worldbuilding!
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Initial Pinch Hits

To claim, comment on this post with your AO3 username; all comments are screened. If you get it as an assignment, you got the pinch hit; if not but you see it's been claimed, then someone else got it instead, sorry. (But do consider treating!)

ETA: Only PH#1 outstanding now. All claimed; fantastic, thank you, everyone!

Pinch Hit #1 - Fandoms: Exalted, Miles from Tomorrowland, Transformers: Rescue Bots, Transformers: War for Cybertron/Exodus - Claimed! )

Pinch Hit #2 - Fandoms: A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter (books), Rogue One - Claimed! )

Pinch Hit #3 - Fandoms: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, The Wicked + The Divine, Secret Wars, Bad Blood, Machineries of Empire, The Man in the High Castle, Star Trek: TNG, NASA Visions of the Future posters, Star Wars Sequel Trilogy - Claimed! )
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Assignments out

Assignments are on their way to your email, or you can check your AO3 assignments page.

(Thank you to the unmatchable participant for responding so promptly and being willing to extend their offers in several different directions.)

There are three initial pinch hits; details will be posted shortly.

ETA: Since everything ran so smoothly, assignments are out significantly earlier than expected; please be patient if you are currently looking at a locked/placeholder letter! (I would suggest waiting at least until the target time for assignments to definitely be out by, which was Friday night/Saturday morning depending on time zone, before worrying that it's not going to be updated.)
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Sign ups closed

Thanks to everyone who has signed up!

There is just one participant who has come out of the initial stages of the matching process without any potential recipients. I have sent the individual concerned an email to the address they have registered with AO3 with some suggestions of how we can proceed; please respond within 24 hours, or I will (very sadly) be forced to delete your sign up in order to allow things to proceed.

Once I hear back from this individual, or after 24 hours have elapsed with no contact, I'll go ahead and generate assignments, initial pinch hits, etc. so watch out for something in the next 24-48 hours.
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One hour left to sign up!

If you are still in the process of signing up, please reply to this post or ping me an email at worldbuildingmod@gmx.com with your AO3 username so I can keep an eye out for your sign up appearing. I can't hold the door open indefinitely but I will do my best to provide a little bit of wiggle room.

If you are still signing up, and you're aiming to provide detailed prompts*, then for what it's worth I would quite strongly suggest that to be sure of making it in time, you go down the route of linking to a placeholder letter and cut and pasting brief details of your strong DNWs into the Optional Details boxes, and then update the letter later.

*please note that prompts are not compulsory - Optional Details Are Optional applies in all directions, and in this exchange in particular many of the worldbuilding tags are essentially prompts by themselves
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24 hours left to sign up ...

Here's the sign up form.

And if you're still on the fence, here's the tag set to tempt you ...

"Dear Worldbuilder" letters

Letters giving details of your requests/prompts/etc. are not required (requests will be visible throughout sign ups), but if you do write one, you can leave a link here so that other people can find it easily. Treats are very much encouraged in this exchange, and letters are often a good way for potential treaters to find potential treatees.

If you want to advertise your letter, leave a comment on this post with at least:

  • Your AO3 username
  • A link to your letter

And (optionally but helpfully):

  • Which fandoms you are requesting
  • Which types of fanwork you are open to receiving

If you wish, you can cut and paste the template below into your comment:

NB Please don't link to placeholder or locked letters here; if I spot any I will screen the comment in question until you message me to say that it's finished.