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The collection is no longer anonymous, and I've also closed it to posting new works. (I don't know if anyone was still working on any treats, but if you do have a burning desire to post something in the next few days, drop me a line and I'll reopen it to give you the chance.)

Following the success of this inaugural round (and once again, huge thanks to all of you for helping that happen), I intend to run the exchange again next year on roughly the same schedule, but with a somewhat more relaxed nominations/sign up period (and certainly more of a gap in between the two; the one thing I definitely underestimated was the complexities of tag set management behind the scenes). Look for a 2018 schedule post in early January.

If you have any feedback about any aspect of the exchange that you think might be able to work better/differently in Round Two, let me know in the comments.


Apr. 8th, 2017 07:59 am
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The collection is now revealed. Go forth, enjoy your (and others') gifts, and comment!

There are a handful of works that won't show up when browsing the collection via the fandom view, as their fandoms do not yet have canonical tags. Here are direct links:

Treats can still be uploaded for another week, until creator reveals.

Finally, thanks again to everyone for making this such an easy exchange to mod.

ETA: Don't forget to redate your work, especially if it's in a high-traffic fandom.


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