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Feb. 1st, 2017 09:41 pm
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Use the comments of this post to offer your beta-ing services.

If you're offering, please specify at least:

  • which fandoms you can help with
  • the type of beta you can offer
  • anything you can't beta
  • how people can best contact you to ask for your help

If you're a creator needing help finding a beta, and there isn't anyone in the comments here offering what you need, please contact the mod in the first instance. Posting directly in the comments here asking for help may make it too obvious what your assignment is.
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Assignments are on their way to your email, or you can check your AO3 assignments page.

(Thank you to the unmatchable participant for responding so promptly and being willing to extend their offers in several different directions.)

There are three initial pinch hits; details will be posted shortly.

ETA: Since everything ran so smoothly, assignments are out significantly earlier than expected; please be patient if you are currently looking at a locked/placeholder letter! (I would suggest waiting at least until the target time for assignments to definitely be out by, which was Friday night/Saturday morning depending on time zone, before worrying that it's not going to be updated.)


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