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The 2017 collection on AO3

Worldbuilding Exchange 2018 schedule will be posted in early January.
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The tag set is here and taking nominations.

Please note that due to the limitations of AO3, we will be using the "Relationships" field to handle worldbuilding elements on a fandom-by-fandom basis.

Please do:

  • Read the Nominations section of the information post for details of how things will work.
  • Disambiguate all nominated tags by adding "(Name of Fandom)" - this will help hugely in approving tags, avoiding migration issues, etc.
  • Use two of the character slots to nominate "Original Character(s) (Name of Fandom)" and "No Characters (Name of Fandom)" each time you nominate a new fandom.
  • Nominate worldbuilding elements as Relationships tags in the format "Worldbuilding: A worldbuilding element (Name of Fandom)"
  • Keep an eye out for posts here on the dreamwidth community asking for clarifications

Please don't:

  • Select AO3 canonicals from the drop down list unless they exactly match what you want (unlikely for anything except fandoms). ETA: For this exchange, please ignore the generic instruction on the AO3 nominating form to choose the canonical if it exists.
  • Nominate actual relationships (& or /) in the Relationships field
  • Worry about the tag set being messy; I will be producing a cleaned up version
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No questions as yet, but a quick note to say please don't worry if it looks from your nominations page like any of yours have been rejected or gone away somehow. I hit a few snags and have fixed them by removing the tags, and then renominating the same things with my own slots. Apologies for any weirdness that causes on your end. As of this post, nothing has actually been rejected for being an inappropriate tag for the exchange.

Also, please do keep an eye on "Uncategorized Fandoms" - some very popular fandoms are likely to end up in there.

A final note: If you're very keen to have your nominations approved as quickly as possible, please follow the guidelines about how to format your tags - annoyingly, the actual nominating page has a standard message from AO3 encouraging you to use canonicals, and that's counterproductive here in most cases, so please ignore it! I am more than happy to fix tags up if they do come through in slightly different formats, but I can only do that when I'm working on the computer. Ticking boxes to approve things already in the correct format, on the other hand, is do-able on the go. (Attempts to do anything more complicated on smartphone were the cause of most of the problems mentioned above.) The main things I'm encountering so far are missing "(Name of Fandom)" at the end of tags, and missing "Worldbuilding: " at the start of worldbuilding tags.
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This time I do have some questions.

  • "Harry Potter Franchise" - is this a deliberately broad fandom title intended to embrace all Harry Potter and associated works (e.g. the Fantastic Beasts movie, Cursed Child, Quidditch Through The Ages ...)? It's fine if it is, but I want to be sure before I decide on the correct way to disambiguate the tags for it.
  • RPF - the worldbuilding tags nominated under RPF so far include things like "The coming effects of global warming", "The Riemann hypothesis", and "What shape is the universe?" responses to which which would be better published in academic journals than on AO3, and if successfully addressed would potentially get Nobel Prizes, Field Medals, etc. rather than a few kudos and if you're lucky a nice multi-paragraph squeeful comment. Do people want speculative fanworks based on these aspects of the real world, or are they joke nominations? (There are no character tags nominated under RPF other than No Characters/Original Character(s), which makes me think that the nominator is not interested in stories about people trying to find the answers to these questions so much as answers to the questions themselves.)

I'll be offline for a while now, but I will get back to approving tags soon.


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