Belated Happy Birthday Ben Bass

Aug. 15th, 2017 07:36 pm
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A happy belated birthday to Ben Bass, whose birthday was yesterday, 14 August.  He has played in many TV shows, both as recurring characters and as a guest, as well as a few TV movies.  Most recently he played Sam Swarek in Rookie Blue.  In Forever Knight, he played Javier Vachon.

Music Monday Meme + Worldconning

Aug. 14th, 2017 07:25 pm
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6. A song that makes you want to dance
Walk the Moon - Shut Up and Dance With Me (link to a video with a movie dance compilation)
This is also a song that cheers me up immensely. It has even managed to acquire YouTube comments (typically the dreg pits of lost faith in humanity) such as "This is one of the most beautifully crafted music videos I've seen on this site. Every scene matched the beat, rhythm, tone, and mood of the song. This is what makes a great music video."
In slightly related news, I have connected with a local queer in a maybe perhaps romantic way. I'm certainly grinning like an idiot. Let's see what happens.

I also survived Worldcon! I'll be putting up my panel etc notes for each day a week late – ie, I'll start with Wednesday's on next Wednesday, and so on and so forth. I managed to read two and a half books queueing up for stuff: Jussi Katajala's Nollameridiaani ja muita tarinoita (a compilation of shorts, from refreshingly Finnish to refreshingly un-American to utterly intriguing, to my knowledge untranslated but should be worth a check), Emmi Itäranta's Teemestarin kirja (aka Memory of Water; pretty much at the litfic end of what I like reading, but very immersive in worldbuilding and I loved all of the water metaphors), and half of Alastair Reynolds' Pushing Ice (so far, typically Reynoldsianly dark and gloomy like gothic metal, but with an intriguing premise).
Other purchases include O.E. Lönnberg's Langanpäitä (a drabble collection, signed by the author who was also the sales clerk), Shimo Suntila's Tähtiviima (a collection of shorts, set in space probably), Alastair Reynolds' Revenger and Century Rain, Stephen Baxter's Xeelee: An Omnibus (seemingly an omnibus of his Xeelee series), three T-shirts (both the Worldcon 75 ones and the Dublin 2019 one), two necklaces for my LARP-a-woman needs, and a space-related oil painting triptych (expensive but very much worth). Freebies include the souvenir book and Giants at the End of the World: A Showcase of Finnish Weird, ed. Johanna Sinisalo & Toni Jerrman.

Artists whose work I liked include: Hannele Parviala (twitter, example art), Lisa Konrad (official site), John Granacki (official site), Sergey Shikin (interview & example arts), Vitaly Yekleris (I think this is his pinterest and here are some book covers by him, but I can't really be sure), Minna Louhelainen (official site), and Eeva Turkka (twitter, an art).
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We are in the woods. Every summer J's mom comes to the U.S. and stays at her house upstate, and we always spend at least one weekend here with her.

Last year it was our first driving trip as a family and we stressed a lot trying to plan it. This year we had three ready-made shared checklist documents for packing (for the car), packing (for the stay), and prepping the house. I said I wanted to leave by 7:30; at 7:20 we were pulling away from the curb. Flawless. Bonus: we didn't have to bring a portable crib or changing table because we'd already brought them on previous trips.

Last year we drove through beautiful summer sunshine, but the trip took five hours because of wretched traffic. This year we left after dinner, so even though we drove through torrential rain (I very nearly pulled off the highway at a few points) and then amazing thick fog (through which we were guided by a ghost car) it only took abut three hours. I like night driving and I like cutting two hours off our travel time but whew, I-87 is pretty terrible in nighttime rain, with no streetlights and very faded lane markers and water sheeting across the road.

Last year Kit was a perfect travel bean. This year they were also a perfect travel bean. During our mid-drive break for sandwiches and stretching, we took them into a gas station convenience store that they examined with the same serious yet optimistic expression they brought to the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Then J got them a bag of Goldfish crackers and they were so excited that they hugged it all the way out to the car. Everything is magical when you're a baby.

Last year we got here in the afternoon and Kit was astonished by the trees. TREES. SO MANY. SO TALL. This year we got here at night and a very sleepy Kit was astonished by Glory's collection of teddy bears and other stuffed animals. When they went to bed we had to stop them from pulling every bear within reach into the crib with them (in addition to Toronto and Hug Face, the bears we brought with us).

(One of Glory's bears has similar fur to Toronto's but is a bit bigger and has a snazzy black beret. "Toronto's uncle!" X said. "That must mean Toronto is French-Canadian," I said. The beret bear is now Uncle Georges and I suspect he'll be coming back to the city with us to meet Toronto's recently acquired identical twin [always have a spare of your child's favorite toy/blanket, always always always], whom I tried to name Ottawa but J and X call Toron-two. We are very silly with our bears.)

(Toronto actually has nothing to do with Canada; I call it that because of T.O. for "transitional object". I will never get tired of this joke. Hug Face is because Kit hugs it with their face. It has a fraternal twin named Face Hugs for the same reason. We are very silly with our bears.)

Last year I wrote, "I didn't mean to type so much; I should go do my OT exercises, ice my arms a bit more, and get some sleep. I'm just so glad that at least in our tiny little corner of the world, everything went okay today. I needed that." This year I say: yes, that.

Tomorrow the rain is supposed to ease off in the morning. I hope Kit gets to go out and romp a bit in the grass and be astonished by the trees all over again.
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So there has been a few new things happening with the new FK movie. 

First, they have begun shooting various scenes that will show off some of their concepts, characters, and an action sequence (the fight scene at Vachon's Deadman's VooDoo Bar).  An image from the bar scene is below.  Sean Reynolds has said that these are for showing clips to get people interested in the project, and will be used when they start crowdfunding later.  Once the movie is funded, these scenes would be re-shot.  Interestingly, the bar they are using for this scene is The Buzz Inn, in Shadyside, Ohio, USA, which is only about 2 hours from me, so not that far. 

Second, Sean has starting having live videos on Facebook, where he talks about the characters, the scenes they are filming, and answers anyone's questions.  One item he did address in this morning's broadcast was why the movie is so different from the TV show - it was very difficult to get distribution rights so they could use the names, but everything had to be completely different than the show.  In addition to interviews with him, one feed was from when they were all on break during filming.  He intends to make more of these live Q&A and behind-the-scenes videos, so something to look forward to.  Right now there is no set time for the live stream, you either get there when this is occurring or not, but hopefully he will have set times in the future so people can be there to interact with him and the others.

Third, we got some more information about the supernatural world they have created.  Their universe includes not only vampires, but werewolves, ghouls, hellhounds, other demons, angels, and more.  So there are light and dark forces at work.  The character of Nick is hunting down the darker creatures so as to redeem his soul and not go to Hell.  He is not really pursuing becoming mortal, so I guess that might reduce down what Natalie will be doing.  Possibly.  It was also reinforced that the Vachon character is very different from the show's character, and is in part, a substitute for Janette, in that he is running a bar and is interacting with Nick as Nick's mentor.  He is also a very powerful vampire, able to enforce his neutral stance in his bar because, even though a vampire, can work with the lighter supernatural forces (I guess; probably need more info about the various supernatural forces going on in their universe to figure out exactly what Vachon is tapping into for that).

So that is the updates for now, Sean giving some tidbits and some info and intends to have another live stream this evening (time: ?). 

See new photos and watch the live stream on the FK Movie Facebook Page.


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