Forever Knight Season 4.

Jun. 25th, 2017 11:27 pm
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I've finally figured out exactly how I want to end my virtual fourth season and, by extension, how I think the series should have ended.

Now that I know for certain the direction I'm going with it, I'll be officially beginning Season 4 next month. Episodes will "premiere" every fortnight on the AO3.

I look forward to seeing what my fellow fans think of it. :)

Round 8 of Hurt/Comfort Bingo

Jun. 25th, 2017 10:56 pm
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here is my card for round #8 of [community profile] hc_bingo

haunted forced body modification corporal punishment grief strapped to a moving vehicle
de-age loss of home / shelter suicide attempt head trauma skeletons in the closet
abuse combat WILD CARD homesickness poisoning
pandemics and epidemics burns ritualized pain / injury resurrection cursed
runaways forced to rely on enemy / rival forced marriage drugged kidnapping

Life on a Young Planet

Jun. 25th, 2017 11:21 pm
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It's 2004, so probably out of date, but Andrew H. Knoll is good at writing.

Life on a Young Planet is nonfiction about Precambrian life on Earth! It had lots of interesting stuffs about bacteria and other micro-organisms, as well as weird Ediacaran life. The prose was also nice, and it clearly explained a lot of new stuff, like life preferring to use carbon-12, and thus the carbon-12/carbon-13 ratio being a useful measure of life's presence. It also explained shortly some blind alleys of thought, as well as why scientists went there.

All in all, a very intriguing "What" book on an interesting subject, with brief forays into and mentions of "Who", "How", and "Why", to give better texture. It's also given me a few ideas to toy with in origfic.

Additionally, [ profile] shiftingpath gave what was maybe the best explanation of the appeal of exploration narratives ever in TGE chat. (Repeated small stories of tension and release in small adventures.) I am toying with it in the aforementioned origfic.

(no subject)

Jun. 25th, 2017 08:38 am
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25 - a song by an artist no longer living
  Joy Division – These Days
  This is perhaps my favorite Joy Division song. The interplay between Ian Curtis' voice, the guitars, the base, the drum track...perfection in under 3 minutes.


I'm still here, it's getting late

Jun. 25th, 2017 09:16 pm
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So, hi.

It's winter; the fire's on; the headphones I just accidentally gave a bath to are hung at a strategic distance from it, across the fire-screen, which is an irrelevant piece of furniture because the fire is gas. (It comes in handy when drying clothes, however.)

Offline, I've been settling into my new house. Our longtime friend AC moved in as a flatmate in February, and in April, another old friend, AR, moved back from Scotland and came to live with us for two months while looking for his own place.

The house has been good to us. There was one miserable and expensive week when we checked out some suddenly-blocked drains and the plumbers, while dealing with that (in a temporary fashion - the tree roots that caused the problem have yet to be worked around), alerted us to a gas leak caused by corroded pipes and then arranged for those pipes to be replaced. No hot water for five days while I was in bed with a cold and the tradesmen had to dig a trench through the reinforced concrete that forms the support for the house's front extension. In other house maintenance respects, I am yet to kick into high gear. We need a large pair of curtains downstairs to keep the heat from flowing out and away at the large French doors, and I have not enjoyed my dealings with the curtain consultants thus far. But I love having a spare room. I love being able to offer guests space with a real bed. I love having two ovens. I love the giant converted garage and the view over the valley to the western hills. I love having a bay tree and a lemon tree. I love having a house on street level. Before this, I moved out of my last street-level house in January 2006.

AC is a fantastic fit as a flatmate. She and I share the idea that although other kinds of social interaction are worthwhile, the most pleasant is to be in the same space as someone else, each with a computer, very occasionally remarking on interesting and amusing things that pass our screens. Also, she is a fandom writer and artist. Also, she and Joel have somewhat compatible tastes in games and TV. I have had really good luck in flatmates over my years in Wellington, but in my last major shared flat, my flatmates were the kind of people who are pure introverts when they get home. I respected that, but this is my ideal.

I'm already missing AR a little. Four people in the house was really nice too. AR flatted with me and Joel in 2007-2009, and then flatted with AC and two other friends in 2015, and then he went off to Scotland, and then ten months later he returned. It is a nice way to be tangled together. He's coming around for dinner and boardgames tomorrow night. I hope he brings Codenames. He introduced AC & me to the game last week and I really, really liked it: simple mechanics + word-association problem-solving & teamwork.

There are, of course, also politics going around me and other offline updates, but perhaps another time when I'm not trying to dust this journal off after months of silence. (Joel, btw, is currently in Las Vegas, in the 'holiday' part of a North American business trip.)

Online, I've been struggling to catch up after Yuletide. Here's what's caught my interest:

  • Night on Fic Mountain went live a few days ago, at a solstice. This is a fic and art fandom exchange for rare fandoms - basically, mini-Yuletide on the far side of the year. I used to co-mod it, but nowadays dhampyresa does all the work and only calls on me occasionally. *waves pompoms* I did write a pinch hit, and enjoyed several pieces of art and fiction. Have a look.

  • Alternate Universe Exchange is a new project from Rosencrantz, whom I also team up with when Once Upon Fic comes around (see below). This is a fandom exchange (fic-only) for alternate universe ideas - whether they're of the "but what if Bob didn't die" or the "everyone works in a coffee shop" variety. Tag approving is.... interesting. If you think you might want to nominate, get in quick.

  • Speaking of Once Upon a Fic, that went live in May, and I still have stories to comment on. This is a challenge for interpretations of fairy tales and similar canons, and I love it so much. I was really disappointed in myself that I did not complete a work this year, and I would like one day to make it up to my recipient. Meanwhile, however, the works that were created are brilliant. [ profile] bleodswean, I think you in particular would appreciate Children of wild, legends round our neck, must shatter, a 30,000-word celebration of the stories of Baba Yaga and Koschei and Vasilisa and Ivan(s).

  • The other exchange that I delight in the most is Jukebox, which went live earlier this month (again, I'm still browsing and commenting). I love seeing all the different directions in which people take song lyrics and music videos. Again, I recommend the works. They are fantastic. I am, of course, biased. Even so.

  • After Yuletide, I made two poor fandom decisions, the first of which was to sign up to Worldbuilding Ex despite already feeling burned out & having a tonne of Yuletide admin to catch up on. I can't entirely blame myself because this is a concept I get really excited about, and I had a blast discussing ideas with the mod, and there were amazing works and I got amazing gifts.... It's just that it was unwise for me at that time. I hope next year I manage to be in a better shape after Yuletide.

  • The second poor fandom decision was to take on a pinch hit for Fandom5k, a fic exchange for all fandoms and works of 5k+. I mean, I can sincerely say that it was a fun prompt and I felt I was on my recipient's wavelength, that it offered me the challenge of something I rarely do (write for a TV canon), and that it was satisfying to know I could confidently sketch out a plot that would be long and dense enough and then bring it to fruition. But it was also bad timing and I stressed myself out for a continuous month over the thing.

  • Now I look at my AO3 assignments page and there are NO OPEN ASSIGNMENTS and it is beautiful. Beautiful.

  • ... and while I will not finish a NYR before Crossovering starts, I can at least work on one, and so I will begin to feel on top of things. (Crossovering is awesome! Come play with me! Get your fandom crossovers here! Ahem.)

And in my silence, the song I keep coming back to is Crowded House's How Will You Go, because on their album Woodface, this track ends in over a minute of silence and then a sudden refrain... I'm still here, of course. Looking it up just now, I see it is labelled a bonus track, which makes sense yet never occurred to me before now. I just thought it was .... all the same track. With silence in the middle.

[personal profile] seekingferret, thanks again for the playlist - I really liked "Mah Yedidus" and I grinned to hear it, and the rest comes in shades of appreciative interest. More later.

I also have some gifts from all these exchanges I've taken part in lately. I shall post later about my recent gifts.

30 Day Music Meme - Days 23 & 24

Jun. 24th, 2017 10:48 pm
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Hahah, so behind on everything I mean to post...

23 - a song you think everybody should listen to
  Rasputina – Indian Weed
  Rasputina's live presentations are not to be missed and this video demonstrates why. This track just sears.

24 - a song by a band you wish were still together
  Prick – Communique
  Kevin McMahon has been my future husband ever since the days of Lucky Pierre. Listen to this track and understand why.

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So today is the last day of teaching my harder summer term class and all the grading has finally been done and posted!  I will have one day to relax, then the second term of summer starts.  This portion will be an easier class for me, leaving more time to write, so I am happy about that.  I have a number ideas floating around, but about four projects will now move up into the active queue!  My goal is to get them done before the holiday season begins (or at least for one of them, to start the series).  Once the holidays get closer, I am too busy with teaching and filling online orders to be near a computer creatively until Christmas Eve.      

30 Day Music Meme - Day 22

Jun. 22nd, 2017 08:33 pm
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22 - a song that moves you forward
  The Thermals – Pillar of Salt
  I don't know what "a song that moves you forward" is, but I love this track and it doesn't matter where I am, I cannot sit still when I listen to it.

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I'll be honest: I spent a lot of time writing this post, deleting it, then writing something different.  So many opinions I should probably not type . . .

As has been noted and commented before, this movie will be very different from Forever Knight, to the point of almost wondering why they bother linking their weird crossover/fusion fanfic thing into this fandom.  I find myself so often shaking my head in shock, my brain rejecting this thing, yet some sort of morbid fascination keeps me checking in periodically to see what will happen next.  But at least they have made my least-favorite character more interesting.

So.  The first cast photo with the major characters has been released (see below).  Vachon will be played by Ralph Piotrowski; he even has a top hat (though not in this image)!  LaCroix will be played by Sean Reynolds.  Personally, I don't like the fact that they have made Nick and LaCroix appear similar in age.  For me, LaCroix needs to have had experienced more mortal years than Nick.  This just throws that dynamic completely off.  But enough of my personal rant.

If you look at the other posted images of the vampire characters, there is a fuzzy, plastic-like filter they are putting on them.  Not quite sure if the intent is to show they physically look very different than mortals, or playing off the 'vampires can't really have their picture taken and if they do they'll be indistinct' idea.  I hope that is only for these promo shots, because it will be very distracting if they intend to do that throughout their movie.

For more info about the movie, you can check out the FK Movie facebook page.

The order in the photo from left to right: Schanke, LaCroix, Vachon, Lily, Natalie, Nick


Happy Birthday Catherine Disher

Jun. 22nd, 2017 05:20 pm
nicholas_lucien: Birthday Cake with Candles (Birthday Cake)
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A happy birthday to Catherine Disher!  She has played many roles in TV shows, and has done extensive voice work.  In Forever Knight she was, of course, Dr Natalie Lambert.    

"In over my head"

Jun. 22nd, 2017 12:15 am
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Dear fellow caregivers for toddlers: I would love advice on two distinct things.

1) What makes a good potty? The number of variations is overwhelming. We want something pretty simple, I think: looks like a toilet, no branded characters, doesn't play music, sits on the floor, is basically a bucket with a seat. In the more distant future we'll need one that folds up or goes over the toilet seat or something, for when we're on the road, but right now this is just for Kit to examine and contemplate and get used to the idea of.

2) Like most 18-month-olds, Kit is full of energy. Unlike most 18-month-olds, Kit can barely walk unassisted and can't run or jump. They've only just started climbing around on the most low-level playground equipment and are very uncertain; they can get up five steps to the top of the baby slide but haven't yet sorted out how to slide down it. When they can't burn off all that energy, they get very agitated and fussy. How do we help them get something like vigorous exercise on the weekends? So far my only idea is to take their walker wagon to the park so they can toddle along at a fairly fast clip for longer distances than our apartment allows—there's a good smoothly paved straightaway there—but that's a pain because the sidewalk between here and there is very uneven and narrow, so I'd have to figure out some way to carry the (heavy, bulky, non-folding) wagon while pushing Kit in the stroller, and that may surpass my own physical limitations. Maybe a lightweight folding medical-style walker? Is that a ridiculous expense for a kid who probably won't need it anymore by the end of the summer? And what do we do when it's not park weather? The nearest real play space for kids is the Brooklyn Children's Museum and it's kind of a haul from here—two buses, and you have to fold the stroller on the bus. They can only crawl around our apartment for so long.

EDIT: We did have a great dance party to the B-52s on Sunday—their pure sincerity is a perfect match for toddler sincerity, plus a good beat—so I should remember that's an option for indoor days. Friends on Twitter and elsewhere also suggested walking while holding Kit's hands/arms; playing follow-the-leader movement games ("Stretch WAAAAAY up high! Now bend WAAAAAY down low!") or doing movement to songs; setting up a tumbling mat and big foam blocks to climb on if we can get some that fit Kit's room (need to measure the open floor space); getting a cheap flimsy lightweight doll stroller to use as a walker in the park.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions on either or both fronts!

What Am I Reading Wednesday - June 21

Jun. 21st, 2017 09:25 pm
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What I Just Finished Reading

The Windfall – Diksa Basu
I very much enjoyed this book. It resembles Austen in its gentle parodying of social mores and its characters' concern for status and material wealth, but also Shakespeare in the way the characters' desires and motivations are at cross-purposes to one another, with everyone misunderstanding everyone else's intentions, often to amusing consequences. In the end, Basu opted to keep things realistic, so there's no neat resolution to the novel's many plotlines, such as one would find at the end of an actual Shakespearean comedy. (And I'm not sure such a conclusion would have served the book better.) This one is fun and definitely deserving of a read.

What I Am Currently Reading

Buddhist Economics – Clair Brown
I'm supposed to have this finished for a book club on Saturday, and I just cracked it open. Heh-heh.

A Curious Mind – Brian Grazer & Charles Fishman
Brian Glazer has produced tons of well-known movies, although I had no idea who he was before I started reading this book. Basically, the guy seeks out talented and interesting people to have short conversations with, which he credits with sparking many of the ideas for his films. It's an interesting concept, and Glazer's narrative is largely free of ego, but it does suffer somewhat for his attempt to redefine everything (courage, civility, grit, you name it) as curiousity.

Tarot 101 – Kim Huggens
There's plenty of “look at the card and let your intuition tell you what it means” wishy-washiness here, but Huggens' grouping of the Major Arcana by archetype versus numerical order is refreshing. I'll be interested to see how she handles the Minors.

The Souls of China – Ian Johnson
Still truckin'.

The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom – John Pomfret
Still truckin'.

Deathless – Catheryne Valente
I lost steam on this one during part 3, but happily it picked up in the final chapter and now we are back in business. I've said this every week, but Valente's language is beautiful and sounds exactly like a fairy tale should. This week's chapters in particular have contained some gorgeously stark imagery.

What I'm Reading Next

The Essex Serpent, and I am very excited about it.



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