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Another pinch hit; as before, due on Sat 1st Apr 06:59 UTC along with other assignments. Comments are screened; comment with your AO3 name to claim. Screened comments won't be replied to - if it appears in your assignments page on AO3, you got it; if it doesn't but gets marked as claimed, someone else did.

Request 1 by lalalalalawhy
#FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives - Anonymous
Worldbuilding: underwater aliens (#FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives), Worldbuilding: mermaids (#FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives), Worldbuilding: fairy tale setting (#FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives), Original Character(s) (#FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives), No Characters (#FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives), Fanart, Fanfiction, Meta

Who are the women? What world to they come from? What world are they going to?

Worldbuilding: mermaids - Are they mermaids? Why were they on the surface? What will they do once they return to the briny depths? Why do they have such good dresses on?

Worldbuilding: underwater aliens - So... are they returning home? Is there a craft in the water? Have the aliens set up shop down there? Do they send emissaries or ambassadors up to the surface? Why Earth?

Worldbuilding: fairy tale - Once upon a time... What is this fairy tale?

Art prompt - Anything detailing them "at home," wherever that may be, would be wonderful. Take anything I've said above and add to it (or subtract from it) as you'd like. Alternately, what do their faces look like (it's okay if it's weird or body-horror-y)? Art of them as mermaids? Maybe a family portrait under the ocean somewhere?


Request 2 by lalalalalawhy "Kattreklamen" Commercials
Worldbuilding: Daily life of kitten airplanes ( "Kattreklamen" Commercials), Worldbuilding: Other means of transportation ( "Kattreklamen" Commercials), No Characters ( "Kattreklamen" Commercials), Original Character(s) ( "Kattreklamen" Commercials), Original Kitten Character(s) ( "Kattreklamen" Commercials), Original Adult Cat Character(s) ( "Kattreklamen" Commercials), Fanart, Fanfiction, Meta

Oh my GOD kitten airplanes.

Worldbuilding: Daily life of kitten airplanes - Describe a route, or write a journalistic travel article. Can you travel in or on or with a kitten airplane, or are they for cargo or message delivery only? Is it like dragon riding, or is there some sort of scifi weirdness where they create special portal dimensions inside of themselves? Why are they kept in the boxes in the clouds until they are needed? What happens if they get distracted by weather?

Worldbuilding: Other means of transportation! - Are there kitten boats? Or are other modes of transportation small animals as well? Do adult cats graduate to becoming airships? Spaceships?! Tell me more!

Art Prompt -- oh my god just imagine the cute shenanegans the kitten planes could get into. Kitten plane graduating to kitten space ship? Mama kitty airbus giving a kitten plane a bath? Absolutely terrified passengers as the kitten plane pounces something? How about a puppy boat?


Request 3 by lalalalalawhy
NASA Visions of the Future travel posters
Worldbuilding: Venus Cloud Settlement (NASA Visions of the Future posters), Worldbuilding: Travel Agencies (NASA Visions of the Future posters), Worldbuilding: PSO J318.5-22 Settlement (NASA Visions of the Future posters), Worldbuilding: Europan Life (NASA Visions of the Future posters), No Characters (NASA Visions of the Future posters), Original Character(s) (NASA Visions of the Future posters), Fanart, Fanfiction, Meta

If you want to world build ANY of these posters, even those not listed in the Worldbuilding tags, please feel free.

Worldbuilding: Any specific poster (includes Venus Cloud Settlement, PSO J318.5-22 Settlement, Europan Life, as well as any in the set) -- What is life like in those places? What is the architecture like? How do people live? Are they happy? Any sort of slice of life or travel experience is more than welcome, as well as journal articles or travel magazine excerpts or recommendations for your visit to... etc. Do some of them have great outdoors activities? Nightlife? Yes, yes, tell me more.

Worldbuilding: Travel Agencies -- sell me on a Grand Tour! Or on a more modest trip to just one of the locations. What would my trip be like? What would a trip be like for someone who is not me? What would I do or see when I got to any of the locations? Why do I want to go to Cloud 9? Maybe the travel agent is finally getting to take the trip they always dreamed of taking! What if a client born off-world wanted to go to Earth? Tell me more.

Fanart - At the risk of saying "literally anything," ... anything you can come up with is great. PSO J318.5-22 Settlement looks like it might have a red carpet or fancy nightclub atmosphere: what is that like? Maybe some architectural drawings for whatever the Europan building is? What does the Venus cloud city look like up close? Draw me a star map detailing my Grand Tour route! It can be as retro or futuristic as you like! Anything else that strikes your fancy from any of the posters?


Request 4 by lalalalalawhy
NASA "Mars Explorers Wanted" Posters
Worldbuilding: The night shift on Martian Moon Phobos (NASA "Mars Explorers Wanted" Posters), Worldbuilding: Martian Farming (NASA "Mars Explorers Wanted" Posters), Worldbuilding: Martian Education (NASA "Mars Explorers Wanted" Posters), Worldbuilding: Childhood on Mars (NASA "Mars Explorers Wanted" Posters), Original Character(s) (NASA "Mars Explorers Wanted" Posters), No Characters (NASA "Mars Explorers Wanted" Posters), Fanart, Fanfiction, Meta

Worldbuilding: The night shift on Martian Moon Phobos - Man, if you went to Mars to work the nightshift, that's... that's some isolationist stuff. Or maybe it's not! Maybe it's a wonderful gig. Tell me more about the person who works the night shift!

Worldbuilding: Martian Farming - What'cha growin' on Mars? Does Mars have a Poor Richard's Almanac or equivalent? Did this character come from a family of farmers, or did they decide to do it on their own?

Worldbuilding: Martian Education - Write me a syllabus or rubric for Martian teaching! Or lesson plan something! Or tell me more about what it's like to have class on Mars, either as a teacher or a student. That rolls right into...

Worldbuilding: Childhood on Mars - what's THAT like? How many children are there on Mars? Were they born there? did they ever know Earth? Is there, like, anything to do? Can you ride bikes on Mars? Have you ever heard about child-based mythology (things like urban legends that get passed from child to child without going through adults)? Is there any of that going on on Mars?

Fanart: Another art prompt for something that is already art! How about a closeup of any of this: what does a classroom look like, or a teacher in front of a class? What does a school look like? What's a farm look like, either from far off or close up? How about a character doing the things from above (teaching, working -- or sleeping -- on the night shift, being a kid in general)? Are they wearing space suits?

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