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The tag set is looking great; please do keep adding to it. I have limited time over the next day or two to approve, and there's already a backlog, so please don't worry if there's a bit of a wait; I will get to all of your tags as soon as I can.

A few things:

  • There are a few fandoms where "Original Character(s) (Name of Fandom)" and "No Characters (Name of Fandom)" have not been nominated. I will be leaving approving these fandoms until I have time to sort out nominating those tags for them myself, which may not be for some time. If the nominators could add them, it would be very helpful.
  • There is at least one fandom (maybe more - AO3 doesn't show me all the fandoms at once) in which no Worldbuilding tags at all have been nominated. I will not be approving any fandoms with no worldbuilding tags at all, as I wouldn't like to predict the effect their absence would have on matching. If you are the nominator of "Imperial Steam and Light Series", please add at least one worldbuilding tag in the "Relationship" field. If you have nominated any fandoms that I haven't seen yet without worldbuilding tags, please add them. ETA: I have just found two more fandoms without worldbuilding tags: Haikyuu!! and Bravely Default. For Bravely Default, actual relationship tags have been nominated instead (it is confusing; we're doing a kludgey workaround to get AO3's matching to do what we want). I will hold off on rejecting these relationships for as long as possible to give the nominator a chance to change them to worldbuilding tags.
  • Harry Potter: I have already approved a separate "fandom" for "Harry Potter - wizarding schools around the world" since this seems to be based on a specific piece of extra material provided relatively recently by JKR. There are also nominations in the tag set for "Harry Potter Franchise" and straightforward "Harry Potter". Per the previous clarifications post, the nominator for "Harry Potter Franchise" says that they intend a broad meaning of all HP-related material. I am not sure what the other "Harry Potter" nominators intend. I would like to propose the following split; if the nominators could change their nominations to fit what they intended within this, I will start approving (or if people have other ideas, please explain them in comments and we'll go from there):
    • "Harry Potter - Wizarding World" as a renaming of "Harry Potter Franchise" to be the broadest category: anything and everything set in that universe would be fair game in that category.
    • "Harry Potter - Book Series" for people who want to have only the main seven books considered.
    • ... And then if people want other subdivisions, nominate them as fandoms (e.g. just Cursed Child by itself, FBAWTFT by itself, etc.). Remember that it is fine for fandoms to overlap with each other for our matching purposes. Finally, are there any strong feelings about the film adaptations of the books needing a separate category?

PS If you spot any errors creeping into the tag set, do please say so!
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I found a gap in my schedule sufficient to whittle things down to displaying all the remaining fandoms on a single page, at which point I have stopped and looked for potential problems:

Rivers of London
  • I have approved a disambiguated version of "Varvara Sidornovna Tamonina", who has also been nominated with a canonical tag. Please do not be alarmed that the canonical has been rejected.
  • I have approved "Worldbuilding: genii locorum"; another nominator has also submitted "Worldbuilding: Genius Loci". I have gone with the plural as more general, but have held off rejecting the other tag for the moment, just in case there is a subtle distinction I am missing. Please let me know if there is.

Eagle of the Ninth
  • "Worldbuilding: Anthonius" and "Worldbuilding: Paulinus" have been nominated - this isn't a fandom I know at all, but from what I can tell from Google, it seems these are historical figures who existed before the time of the main narrative? I'm just wondering if they might be better off being nominated as characters, and worldbuilding tags being used for some more specific idea related to them/their time period/their activities. If I have this completely the wrong way round, let me know.

Harry Potter
  • I am leaving all Harry Potter nominations alone for the moment to give nominators time to decide how broad a Harry Potter category they want their nominations to fall under; see here. Please do not use the canonical "Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling" fandom in this instance.

  • "Worldbuilding: Friendships" has been nominated. Since platonic relationships between characters are often a feature of fanworks anyway, I am a little wary of this tag; could the nominator provide a little more information about why creating works about characters' friendships should be considered worldbuilding, specifically? (I am willing to be convinced, it's just not obvious from the tag by itself.)

Fandoms with no worldbuilding tags, and actual relationship tags instead

If you have nominated any of the fandoms below, please delete the relationship tags and replace with one or more "Worldbuilding: A worldbuilding element (Name of Fandom)" style tags. This exchange will not be matching on relationships (either & or /). Apologies for any confusion; this arises because we are appropriating the AO3 "Relationship" field to handle fandom-specific worldbuilding matching. (It is not possible to rename the field to something else, unfortunately.) For further explanation, please see here and here, or ask for help.

  • Bravely Default (Video Game) & Related Fandoms
  • Haikyuu!!
  • 魔法少女育成計画 | Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku | Magical Girl Raising Project

Please note that fandoms for which no worldbuilding tags have been nominated when nominations close will not be approved.

Update on "RPF": For the record, no has yet tried to convince me that the exchange should include "real world worldbuilding", although for a while "Original Non-Trivial Zeroes of the Riemann Zeta Function" was nominated as a character. As far as I can tell, these can be expressed as complex numbers in the form a+bi, where a may or may not be a half. At the most generous interpretation this isn't a lot of words, so unless a lot of them were found, or they were turned into art in some way (I'm sure there are beautiful visualisations out there), they would be significantly under the minimum requirements for the exchange. It seems as though the fandom has been withdrawn by the nominator, but if it appears again I'm afraid that I will be rejecting it unless some convincing arguments are put forward for its inclusion.

ETA: Just for the record, there are a few fandoms which have been nominated while I've been working on the tag set, but don't (yet) have any worldbuilding tags: Dinosaur Train, Labyrinth, and PAW Patrol.


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