Jan. 20th, 2017

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Some fandoms that look extremely relevant to this exchange's interests (including Antler Guy and Journey to Mars posters) have appeared on my approvals screen, but without any subtags nominated. I know this is the traditional way to make worldbuilding-focused nominations in other exchanges, but since this entire exchange is focused on that, I'm hoping to be able to go into more detail.

For all fandoms, please nominate at least two character fields:

  • No Characters (Name of Fandom)
  • Original Character(s) (Name of Fandom)

And at least one "Relationship" field:

  • Worldbuilding: A worldbuilding tag of your choice (Name of Fandom)

"(Name of Fandom)" can be abbreviated if the name is long (e.g. I disambiguated all the Series of Unfortunate Events tags with "(ASoUE)").

I am in general happy to add the No Characters and Original Character(s) tags for fandoms that don't have them, but fandoms with no worldbuilding tags will be rejected at close of nominations, unless they happen to be ones I know well enough to think of my own ones.

PS I will get to all nominations over time, but for people who are keen to have them approved quickly (i.e. when I'm on my smartphone, not the computer) I will be replying to this post shortly with a comment containing an (entirely optional) guide to how you can help that happen by making my life easy.


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