Jan. 21st, 2017

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Haikyuu!! is in the tag set, but currently has no valid worldbuilding tags. If it does not have any when nominations close, it will be removed from the tag set. (The explanation for this anomalous state of affairs is here.)

All other fandoms that were previously listed here have been rescued! \o

ETA: Sadly no worldbuilding tags were added and Haikyuu!! has now been removed from the tag set.
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The following changes have been made to the rules:

  • You can use more than one request/offer slot for the same fandom, but overall you must still request at least three distinct fandoms and offer at least four
  • It will not be required (though it's certainly still possible) to request/offer the No Characters tag if you are using the Meta freeform
  • The archive will remain open for uploading until creator reveals

(I didn't consult on that last one, but post-deadline treats are always good.)

I have adjusted the main Exchange Information post to reflect these changes, but may have missed some sections where they were relevant - if so, please let me know.

Finally, it's become very clear to me that not everyone necessarily associates "No Characters" with worldbuilding in the exact same way that I do. I do believe that for this exchange, having it as a separate tag has significant utility over simply setting the minimum number of characters to zero, and will be putting together a guide before sign ups open explaining how to use the tag in your requests/offers.
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Any unexplained rejections are accidental!

I have rejected very few tags throughout the nominations process so far, and any that I have rejected, I have explained the reasoning for in a post like this one.

However, I have occasionally been hitting 500 errors and similar on AO3 while approving nominations, and it's always possible that I've just straight-up made hideous, hideous mistakes. (Confession time: I was only one click away from clearing all nominations from the tag set earlier today.) It has come to my attention that at least one nominator has had worldbuilding tags rejected that I certainly did not intend to reject; this is hopefully now fixed.

If you think the same might have happened to you, or tags you nominated have disappeared entirely, please comment on this post or email me at worldbuildingmod@gmx.com - if you can provide a link to your nominations page on AO3, that would really help. This would be in the format http://archiveofourown.org/tag_sets/1613/nominations/vwxyz where vwxyz is a string of numbers.

Fandoms with no worldbuilding tags

As you've hopefully seen, these have been moved to their own post here. Thanks to those who've already nominated worldbuilding tags for some fandoms and helped me remove them from the list. (If fandoms disappear from that list but have not yet appeared in the tag set, it's because there are other issues like disambiguation that I need a bit more time to sort out. But I'm taking them off that list as soon as I see worldbuilding tags appear.)

Fandom-specific questions

  • Captive Prince - "Worldbuilding: What Will the Neighbours Think?" - I'm a bit unclear on how this is a worldbuilding tag. Is it "neighbours" in the sense of next-door countries?
  • Dragon Age - there are some new nominations for All Media Types. The tag set already has Dragon Age (Video Games). Could the nominator confirm that they deliberately intend to create a broader category, or would they rather I folded their noms into the game category? (If I don't hear anything, I will assume that it is meant to be separate.)
  • Eagle of the Ninth - I'm still unsure about "Anthonius" and "Paulinus" as worldbuilding tags. If they're there mostly because the nominator ran out of character slots, I can create extra character tags if need be. In this particular instance, I will probably err on the side of allowing them in as-is if I don't hear anything, but some clarification would be appreciated.
  • Hunger Games - "Victor" is nominated as a character tag. Is this in the sense of "Original Victor" of a games we didn't see, or is there a character called Victor I'm unaware of?
  • Labyrinth - "The effect of humans on Labyrinth and the Goblin King" and "Effects of humans [...]" were both nominated; I went with "Effects".
  • Steven Universe - I moved the apostrophe in "Worldbuilding: Gem's Influence on Earth" to "Gems' Influence". If there's any reason why this was the wrong thing to do, let me know and I'll change it back.

Current progress

The tag set is currently at 166 fandoms, 1182 characters and 980 worldbuilding tags.

I am very keen to open sign ups as soon as possible after nominations close, and as such I am keen to avoid a prolonged tag set clean up phase. Please keep an eye on things as nominations continue, and if you spot any problems, let me know.

Finally, thanks for all the enthusiasm already on display!


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