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Complete setting change AUs/fusions/etc. are implicitly outside the scope of this exchange as the worldbuilding for them tends to go significantly beyond the idea of "extrapolating from canon" that the exchange is meant to be focused on. Those sorts of fanworks are very popular for good reason; they're just not what this exchange is for. Canonical AUs are fine, of course, as discussed earlier. (While we're here, may I recommend that those interested in AUs of all kinds take a look at [community profile] auexchange if they don't already know about it?)

However, it has come to my attention that I have approved worldbuilding tags in at least one fandom (Haikyuu!!) that do fall into this category. This is my bad; I did insufficient due diligence because this was one of the fandoms that had relationship tags instead of worldbuilding, and I was pleased to see that they had changed. These tags have now been removed. This leaves Haikyuu!! in the anomalous position of being an approved fandom with no worldbuilding tags. I will leave it in the tag set for now, but unless some valid tags are added, it will be removed at the close of nominations.

Another fandom in a similar situation was Bravely Default, which has a nearly identical set of worldbuilding tags to the out-of-scope ones submitted for Haikyuu!! I cannot find evidence for any of them being canon-based except for "Magic System", but please point me in the direction of the evidence I have missed, if I have, and I will reinstate the tags.

Please keep me informed of any other similar situations; I don't know every fandom by a long stretch, and I am generally assuming good faith on the part of nominators.

Also, I think I can now say that there is definitely a glitch affecting nominations for "Harry Potter (book series)" in particular, as described in the previous post. If you nominate tags and they appear to be rejected instantly, please send me a link to your nominations page to get it straightened out.

Nominations close in a little under 48 hours. Have fun!


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