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In light of the continuing problems with nominations to "Harry Potter (book series)" being incorrectly automatically rejected*, I have manually added a new fandom to the tag set called "Harry Potter - Books Only" which you can nominate to instead. I will eventually move over all existing "Harry Potter (book series)" nominations into this new category, but please make new ones in the new category (or use it to resubmit your incorrectly rejected ones). Apologies for the inconvenience.

Also on Harry Potter, please try to avoid using the canonical "Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling" fandom tag as I am finding it difficult to interpret how wide a range of source material this is intended to encompass. (I can see several contradictory arguments; anyone who wants to discuss it in comments should feel free to ask as it may well help me clarify my thinking.) Any nominations still under the canonical tag when nominations close will probably end up in the broadest possible category ("Harry Potter - Wizarding World"), but I haven't yet decided for certain.

*This problem is entirely my fault for dealing with inconsistent capitalisation in a kludgey way early on in the nominations period. Sorry again.


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