Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Nominations will close in 24 hours from the time of this post.
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As of this point, the tag set contains 208 fandoms, 1519 characters and 1270 worldbuilding tags.

I have rejected the few remaining "Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling" tags but have added them manually to Wizarding World.

As we move into the final stages, please consider following the (still entirely optional) guide to getting your nominations approved quickly to help keep things moving overall; many of you are doing so - much appreciated. Also, there will be no further nominations clarification posts; I will be making judgement calls as and when I get to tags. If you are nominating anything you think might be in danger of being rejected, please provide information as you do so by commenting here or via email.

Finally, Divine Cities has recently gained worldbuilding tags, but Dinotopia and Haikyuu!! should now be considered to be in severe danger of not making it into the final tag set.
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I have just discovered a bunch of "Worldbuilding: ..." tags which had somehow ended up defined as character tags.

I tried to remove these from the Characters section of the tag set to move to them to Relationships. However, because by this point AO3 already knew about those tags, and that they were very definitely character tags, they have all gained a " - Relationship" modifier to make them unique. This is potentially confusing at best. I am going to be coming up with slight renamings as a workaround, so please don't worry about your tags suddenly seeming to shift around slightly.

Some of these tags were for some flavour of Pokemon, and only disambiguated with "(Pokemon)". I failed to spot that when I was approving them and now they have lost their link to their fandom; I am half-guessing, half-remembering that they were for video games rather than anime but if you spot a slight variant on your tag has ended up in a fandom that wasn't what you intended, please say and I will put it in the right place.

ETA: All done. Please check that I haven't scrambled the intended meanings of your tags too badly. I am happy to make further changes but unfortunately they can't go back to exactly what they were. (NB I finally decided that Anthonius and Paulinus were character tags all along).


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